CPD II have been an enjoyable and fruitful journey for me. For the past 13 weeks, I had been taught various concepts that range from 7Cs in writing to Thomas-Kilmann conflict mode instrument. These concepts had allowed me to better understand the importance of interpersonal communication.

I felt the key takeaway from the module is the opportunity to work with my classmates on an interpersonal communication issue faced in the hospitality industry. My team and I have selected the issue on ‘creating a positive nonverbal first impression’ in the front office context. Through research, it shows that it only takes seven seconds to form a first impression. Once such impression is formed, it will be difficult to change.

Through this project, it has broadened my perspective on the importance of providing a positive first impression. As a previous front office agent from E Hotel, I was glad to provide examples that were applicable and relevant to the project. During the synopsis presentation, Brad has also provided me with valuable feedback to improve on my presentation skill.

Overall, this module was essential in improving my communication, verbal and non-verbal aspects. I believe such skills will aid me in my future career, especially within the hospitality industry. I am thankful to my module facilitator, Brad and also my teammates Eline and Shu Fang for making this module more enjoyable than it seems. Hasta La Vista!